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FDA Clearance for joimax Percusys® Pedicle Screw-Rod System

Percutaneous pedicle screw-rod system aims at simple stabilization with minimal soft tissue damage

FDA Go-Ahead for CorMatrix Tricuspid Heart Valve Study

Extracellular Matrix looks like an ideal candidate for a tricuspid valve. New study should provide clinical support.

Keeping a Cool Head Prevents Chemo Hair Loss

Headline imageClinical research to be presented at International Breast Cancer Conference confirms how ‘scalp cooling works’

New Embolization Anchoring Device Launch at SIR 2015 This Weekend

Interventional therapies company Penumbra, Inc., is using the Interventional Radiology event to debut its newest vascular embolization device, POD™.

Ambitious Plans for Sorin/Cyberonics Following Merger

Sorin and Cyberonics Inc. are to merge, creating a new entity that they expect will be a major player in its combined fields

NICE Support for TURis Could Spell End of TURP for Prostatic Benign Hyperplasia

Better for patients and saving money, the Olympus TURis system has the clinical watchdog's support in new guidance

FDA Panel Supports VertiFlex® Superion® Interspinous Spacer

FDA approval beckons with the strongly supportive expert panel vote for Vertiflex's spinal implant

FDA Approval for Varicose Vein Glue

Less than 18 months since submitting the first part of a modular PMA, the VenaSeal varicose vein treatment system has now gained FDA PMA approval

Chair Appointed for Newly-formed UK’s Devices Expert Advisory Committee

Headline imageDr Peter Nightingale has been appointed as the first chairman of the UK MHRA's newly formed Devices Expert Advisory Committee.

J&J Sells Cordis to Cardinal Health

Deal worth $1.944 billion in cash will be accretive for Cardinal within two years

Smith & Nephew Hits the Spot with New SUTUREFIX™ Ultra Soft Anchor

Headline imageSmith & Nephew's new anchor could move the game on a bit by allowing surgeons to fine-tune labral repairs of the hip and shoulder with the creation of additional fixation points.

Biotronik’s Astron Self-Expanding Stent Hits End Points in Iliac Artery Study

The Bioflex-1 clinical trial should form part of Biotronik's submission for FDA approval for the nitinol stent

It Takes Two Runs to Achieve Optimal In-Stent Restenosis Tissue Debulking

In-Stent Restenosis optimal tissue debulking protocol defined with Boston Scientific’s JETSTREAM® Navitus atherectomy device

FDA Clears Office Alzheimers Test System

Headline imageNeuronetrix's Cognision™ system delivers the capability to test for Alzheimers in a primary care setting

Improved Drug Uptake in Peripheral Arteries Following Atherectomy to Modify Plaque

Headline imageIt seems removal or modification of mature plaque deposits in peripheral artery disease with an orbital atherectomy device improves delivery of Paclitaxel from drug coated balloon surface to vessel wall.

12,000 GE MRI Systems at Risk of Life-Threatening Condition

GE Healthcare is pointing to in-field modifications for the introduction of a serious condition to many of its installed MRI systems around the world