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Two Year Data Leaves Direct Flow Medical® Pumped Up About TAVI Outcomes

Uniquely implanted transcatheter valve demonstrates 80 percent survival at two years in severe aortic valve stenosis patients

When it Comes to Progress, Medtech Beats Them All

Pick an industry, any industry, and tell us it outstrips medtech in terms of development. We pick furniture. Medtech wins.

EndoBarrier® Therapy “Significantly Close” to Gastric Bypass on Diabetes Remission

EndoBarrier Therapy avoids altering the anatomy by surgery, but does it do an equivalent job? Seems so

Registry Data Supports Direct Flow’s Promise

Hot on the heels of its recent study, new registry data from DISCOVER trial provides evidence that reinforces earlier favourable outcomes

CE Mark for Abbott’s New Absorb GT1™ Stent System

New generation of Abbott's absorbable stent line features improved access and deliverability

FDA (510k) Clearance for Magstim’s rTMS (repetitive Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation) Therapy System

Headline imagePioneering device manufacturer cleared for U.S. launch of its Rapid2 Therapy System for treatment of drug resistant Major Depressive Disorder

Significant Pulmonary Function Improvement with Pulmonx® ZEPHYR® Endobronchial Valve Treatment

Headline imageNewly presented study data supports claims that Endobronchial Valve treatment can deliver life-changing outcomes

CE Mark for Arterial Remodeling Technologies’ Pure Bioresorbable Scaffold

Arterial Remodeling Technologies has gained CE Mark approval for its next generation drug free, pure bioresorbable scaffold used to treat coronary artery disease

CE Mark of Perivascular Alcohol Denervation System for Hypertension

CE Mark of the Ablative Solutions Peregrine System™ Infusion Catheter signals continued interest in renal denervation therapy

Improved Valve Function at Six Months Using Mitralign Percutaneous Annuloplasty System

Mitralign's Annuloplasty system is designed to treat Mitral and functional Tricuspid regurgitation. New study data suggests it offers hope for a challenging patient population

New Decompressive Knee Brace from Townsend Design

It seems wearability is the order of the day as the company broadens patient demographic with new OA brace

Polymer and Carrier-Free Stent Demonstrates Early Healing in OCT Study

New study points to rapid early healing and sustained performance from novel BioFreedom stent

Data Supports Pulmonx® Zephyr® Endobronchial Valve in Patients with Homogeneous Disease

Retrospective Analysis of VENT Trial shows positive outcomes in new patient population and stimulates further study

CE Mark for Second Generation Endostim Neurostimulation Device for GERD

Headline imageEndostim's thinner, smaller new lower esophageal sphincter stimulating device promises an improved patient experience

Human Organs-on-Chip Awarded Best Product Design by London’s Design Museum

Headline imageTechnology will significantly reduce the need for animal testing by providing a faster, less expensive, less controversial and much more accurate means to predict success of new drug compounds

Good Press for St. Jude Medical’s Quadripolar Technology at HRS 2015

Presentations at this year's HRS event point to improved clinical outcomes, increased survival and better cost utilization with the SJM™ Quadra CRT system