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FDA Approval for Only ICD to Deliver Ultra-High Energy on First ShockApril 21, 2015

Delivering 42 Joules on first shock addresses patients with high defibrillation thresholds

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Biotronik Launches “Workhorse” Pantera Pro Coronary Balloon Catheter in EUApril 9, 2015

Company says its new balloon is designed to enhance access to difficult lesions and challenging patient anatomies

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Want to Know Whether Specific Biotronik Implant is MRI Compatible?November 27, 2014

Biotronik, is launching ProMRI® SystemCheck, a new online tool for tracking the ProMRI status of implantable devices.

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Study Shows Remote Monitoring Reduces All-Cause Mortality by 50%August 19, 2014

It might seem obvious that the heightened level of care provided by remote monitoring of cardiovascular conditions would result in only good things for patients. A new study, published in The Lancet, confirms it.

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FDA Approval for Biotronik Entovis Pacemaker System with ProMRI® TechnologyMay 9, 2014

Biotronik says the U.S. FDA has approved its Entovis pacemaker system with ProMRI® technology. The Entovis system allows patients to undergo MRI scans with a limited exclusion zone. FDA approval covers both single chamber (SR-T) and dual chamber (DR-T) Entovis pacemakers when implanted with Setrox pacing leads.

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First Patients Implanted with ICDs in BIOTRONIK ProMRI® StudyApril 4, 2014

Cardiovascular device company Biotronik has announced that the first patients across the United States have received implants of the new Iforia implantable cardioverter-defibrillators (ICDs)

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Remote Monitoring Improves Patient Adherence by 25%March 25, 2014

Remote monitoring of ICDs has been shown to improve patient adherence to follow-up regimes when compared with traditional repeat check-up appointments. It’s surely the biggest “no-brainer” the specialty has seen for years.

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FDA Approves First Trial of ICD in MRIMarch 17, 2014

The U.S. FDA has said Biotronik can move onto phase C of its ProMRI study which will investigate the company’s MRI-compatible technology in its implantable cardioverter-defibrillator (ICD) devices.

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First 4F MR Conditional CRT Lead CE Marked and In UseMarch 4, 2014

Frequent visitor to our pages, cardiovascular device company Biotronik has announced the first implantations of the Sentus ProMRI® lead.

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Europe-wide Release for Biotronik’s Passeo-18 Lux Peripheral Vascular Drug-Releasing BalloonJanuary 22, 2014

Cardiovascular device company Biotronik is in the news again with the announcement of its release of the Passeo-18 Lux Drug Releasing Balloon (DRB) in all countries accepting CE mark, following recent CE approval.

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Study Points to Savings with Remote Monitoring of ICD PatientsJanuary 21, 2014

Biotronik is pointing to new study data showing that use of its Biotronik Home Monitoring® system has saved the French National Health Insurance system costs, in addition to being safe and efficient.

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Remote Monitoring Fits Arrhythmia Diagnosis BillDecember 19, 2013

According to a well-known Berlin cardiologist, monitoring devices enable physicians to treat patients more effectively. The BioMonitor from BIOTRONIK is now approved for full-body MR scans.

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FDA Approves Trial Expansion of Biotronik’s MRI Compatible PacemakersNovember 28, 2013

Biotronik, a pioneer in MRI compatible Cardiovascular implants devices, tells us that the US FDA has approved an expansion of its ongoing ProMRI® trial. This will allow inclusion of additional patient cohorts into the study, providing further support for the company’s proposed claims.

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Biotronik’s PK Papyrus Covered Coronary Stent CE Marked for Acute Coronary Artery PerforationNovember 6, 2013

Biotronik has seen its clever, electrospun coated stent gain CE mark approval for use in cases of acute coronary vessel perforation. The clever part lies in the electrospinning, which creates a single, integrated coating without the need to sandwich the stent.

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FDA Nod for Biotronik’s Ilesto ICD/CRT-D devicesOctober 1, 2013

Heart rhythm and home monitoring specialist Biotronik, has gained FDA approval for its Ilesto family of implantable cardioverter-defibrillator/cardiac resynchronization therapy defibrillators (ICD/CRT-D) devices.

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There’s an Orsiro for Every Case as Biotronik Extends Hybrid Drug Eluting Stent LineSeptember 3, 2013

Biotronik now boasts one of the longest drug-eluting stents on the market across all diameters with the market release of new 35 and 40 mm versions of Orsiro, the industry’s first hybrid Drug Eluting Stent (DES) featuring a bioabsorbable polymer.

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