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Launch and First Implant of Boston Scientific’s Long-Lasting ICDFebruary 3, 2015

The new Extended Longevity ICDs, featuring EnduraLife battery technology promise almost twelve years

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Retrospective Study Says Boston’s Spinal Cord Stimulator Works at 12 MonthsDecember 12, 2014

Whatever the value of retrospective data, Boston Scientific is touting results that make a solid case for its Precision Spectra spinal cord stimulator system

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Boston Scientific SYNERGY™ Bioabsorbable Polymer Stent Meets Key Performance EndpointsNovember 20, 2014

Boston Scientific reports that its SYNERGY™ Everolimus-Eluting Bioabsorbable Polymer Platinum Chromium Coronary Stent System met its primary endpoint in the first successful U.S. pivotal trial of a bioabsorbable polymer stent.

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CE Mark for Boston’s Pacemaker Opens MRI Conditionality OptionsOctober 17, 2014

When implanted with Boston Scientific’s INGEVITY™ leads, Boston Scientific’s ACCOLADE pacemakers are the first to enable patients to receive full-body MRI scans in both 1.5 Tesla and 3.0 Tesla systems.

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Third Time Lucky as FDA Panel Votes Yes to WATCHMAN™ LAA DeviceOctober 9, 2014

Expert Panel review has culminateded in a vote in favour of Boston Scientific Corporation’s WATCHMAN™ Left Atrial Appendage Closure Device.

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Tangled Web Sees ICD Inventor Awarded $309 Million for nowSeptember 26, 2014

The family of the man who helped invent the ICD has been awarded $309 million against Boston Scientific, although appeals loom.

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Vagus Nerve Stimulation Study Misses Primary Efficacy Endpoint, But QOL ImprovedSeptember 1, 2014

It’s good news/bad news for Boston Scientific’s Vagus Nerve Stimulation plans as a heart failure therapy. While efficacy endpoints suggested no outcome improvement, patients in the treatment group of the sham controlled study reported quality of life improvement.

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Boston Scientific and ASAHI INTECC Join Forces on FFR Wire ProjectAugust 19, 2014

Sounds like a plan. Combine the offerings of one of the Cardiovascular big boys with wire forming company’s expertise and FFR technology is likely to benefit.

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CE Mark for Boston Scientific’s Agent™ Drug-Coated Coronary BalloonJuly 30, 2014

Boston Scientific’s Agent™ Paclitaxel-Coated PTCA Balloon Catheter has gained CE mark approval and will now be launched in Europe.

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FDA Approves Boston Scientific’s REBEL™ Coronary StentJuly 22, 2014

U.S. FDA approval of REBEL™ Platinum Chromium Coronary Stent brings the benefits of modern stent architecture to patients not suitable for drug eluting variants.

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Boston Scientific Plugs TAVI Gap with CE Mark for 25 mm Lotus™July 15, 2014

Boston Scientific’s Lotus™ TAVI System has been enhanced by the addition of a 25mm variant to its CE marked portfolio.

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CE Mark for Boston Scientific’s Ranger™ Drug-Coated BalloonJuly 14, 2014

Boston Scientific Corporation has received CE Mark for the Ranger™ Paclitaxel-Coated PTA Balloon Catheter which is now to be fully launched in Europe.

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One-Year Results Back Up Vercise™ DBS System in ParkinsonsJune 12, 2014

One year data demonstrate highly significant improvement in motor function for patients with Parkinson’s Disease when treated with Boston Scientific’s Vercise DBS system

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Boston Scientific Touts Positive 6 Month Data from Lotus™ TAVI StudyMay 27, 2014

New data presented at EuroPCR 2014 in Paris suggests impressive performance at six months for the Lotus™ Valve System, with 79.8 percent of patients showing no paravalvular aortic regurgitation at six months with no cases of severe paravalvular aortic regurgitation in any patient.

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Another Back Pain Study Supports Boston’s Precision Spectra™ Spinal Cord StimulatorMay 9, 2014

New retrospective data presented at the World Institute of Pain (WIP) 7th World Congress demonstrates that Boston Scientific’s Precision Spectra™ Spinal Cord Stimulator (SCS) System provided sustained and highly significant relief of low-back pain six months after implantation.

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ICD Study Says Defibrillation Testing Safe But Unneccessary

A new, randomized study, supported by Boston Scientific, presented at this year’s HRS event suggests that ICD patients do equally well, regardless of whether their implant was defib tested at the time of implantation.

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