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Survey of Medtech Company Websites Concludes “Could do Better”December 5, 2016

Medtech company website survey unearths a few bad habits

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Brexit Could Mean Higher Regulatory Hurdles for UK Medical Device IndustryJune 28, 2016

So the deed has been done, UK powers need to get on with the job of leaving the EU, while not actually leaving the EU

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Editorial: How Device Companies Are Turning to EducationMay 29, 2015

Gaining and protecting market share is about so much more than the product and its price. Educational support looks like the ultimate added value alternative

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When it Comes to Progress, Medtech Beats Them AllMay 22, 2015

Pick an industry, any industry, and tell us it outstrips medtech in terms of development. We pick furniture. Medtech wins.

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Turkeys See Christmas as a ChallengeMarch 20, 2015

When a new survey of regulatory officers highlights their concerns about regulatory rules, should we be surprised?

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What can Medtech Learn from Google Glass?January 16, 2015

Goodness knows how much money has gone the way of Google’s Glass experiment, but as a deliberate way of seeing how far they could push the technology, it might turn out to have been money well spent. In Medtech we …

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Our Very Own Tongue-in-Cheek MedTech AwardDecember 5, 2014

Which therapy turned out to have rather less efficacy than we’d all become convinced it would have? We think it deserves its own award.

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Can Medtech Learn from RetailersNovember 14, 2014

We’re getting properly fixated on the power of social media in healthcare, especially medtech marketing. Can we therefore steal ideas from the powerhouse retailers?

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What Does the NHS Five Year Plan Mean for Mr Medtech?October 24, 2014

This week’s editorial states what we’d hope is the obvious. Medical Technology is an essential component in delivering tomorrow’s healthcare.

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Online Now: Why Social Media Should be in Every Medtech Comms PlanOctober 17, 2014

Medtech companies have a long way to go with social media. We’re betting tomorrow’s successes will have got it right. So what are you waiting for?

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How to Play the “Evolution of Frontline Company Staff Roles” GameSeptember 5, 2014

Opinion piece about how device company front line staff have changed over the years and where that leaves the aspiring product manager.

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FDA, Venetian StyleJuly 25, 2014

This week we amuse ourselves drawing parallels between the way behaviour was monitored in Venetian colonies during the fourteenth century, and regulation of today’s medical device industry.

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Reminder What We’re AboutJune 27, 2014

What did the Greeks ever do for us? Well, originate healthcare, really. But did they have in mind a vision of what that might look like in 2014?

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Medtronic and Covidien a “No-Brainer”June 20, 2014

The only news in town this week is that Medtronic and Covidien are to merge, forming a new “offshore” entity. Strategic fit good: Tick. Tax consequences good: Tick.

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This Week’s “View From The Med” Online NowMay 9, 2014

Robotically assisted surgery is in the spotlight again as one commentator says it doesn’t justify its cost. Our weekly editorial discusses whether providers have much choice about whether to invest if they’re to remain current and competitive.

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Physicians Play “The Price is Right” and LoseApril 11, 2014

Physicians are clever folk when it comes to clinical matters, but surveys find they know relatively little about the price of the devices they use. We argue that simple price transparency can change this and potentially save a fortune.

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