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New Mattress Design Unleashes the Restorative Power of Sleep in Disabled YoungsterMay 25, 2017

Pioneering sleep system gives 5-year old boy with complex needs his first night’s sleep

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School Project Leads to New Hips and Knees for Needy ChineseJuly 5, 2016

In what is a small world, the son of an orthopod has helped needy people in remote area of China by donating his father’s services and UOC’s hip and knee implants.

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Evidence-Based Medicine Meets Homeopathy.Scientific Illiteracy Means Homeopathy Wins For NowFebruary 14, 2013

We’re not campaigners for anything other than a solid evidence-based approach when it comes to healthcare provision. And we’re not alone. So how can homeopathic medicines continue to be provided by the UK’s NHS free at the point of “need”? The scientists in us cannot let this one lie without drawing attention to it.

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Who Wouldn’t Want A Copper Cactus Award?November 29, 2012

We don’t normally cover company puff about awards, but as it’s the evocatively named Copper Cactus Awards in Arizona we couldn’t resist. And in any event, SynCardia’s total artificial heart is always newsworthy.

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Apple Patents The Rectangle: IP Going A Bit Too Far?November 9, 2012

Anyone who’s ever tried to patent protect a medical innovation knows just how tricky it can be to demonstrate originality. Somehow Apple has convinced someone that the rectangle is in some way original. Bonkers.

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FDAnews Announces Medical Device Mobile Apps Virtual Conference RebroadcastOctober 18, 2012

Here’s a Virtual Conference Rebroadcast on a proposed bill requiring the FDA to establish an Office of Mobile Health to help speed the development and approval of device apps.

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Medlatest Taking A Break For Queen’s Jubilee CelebrationsJune 1, 2012

Medlatest is pausing for breath over the early part of next week as we honour the Queen’s 60th year on the throne. Forecast; Rain.

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Great Success For Medical Training As Kazakhstan Opens New Technology CentreMay 22, 2012

Kazakhstan has adopted a new approach to medical training in view of the expansion of medical technologies. Clinicians from the Baltic states are providing core training which is then cascaded down in the hope of improving standards of care in the country.

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Weight Watchers® Research Damns Us “Lazy” BritsMay 3, 2012

Oh dear oh dear oh dear. We’ve been rumbled by top research group Weight Watchers® which has identified some alarming trends in British society. Well, sort of… I don’t believe a word of it… wonder what’s on TV tonight.

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The Ultimate Medical Device?April 19, 2012

Stretching definitions is what we do best, so why not call a helicopter a medical device if it’s an intrinsic tool for saving lives. This interesting piece admittedly leaves too many questions unanswered, but does at least prove that your survival is likely to be 1-2% better if you’re scraped into a whirlybird than a van.

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Turmeric The Wonder Spice

Turmeric is supposed to be good for us, but now its beginning to look like a wonder spice as researchers suggest it can reduce post cardiac surgical incidence of heart attack in a placebo study.

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Stent Blog Nails Publication Over “Thinly Disguised Marketing Studies”April 18, 2012

When is a published paper a thinly disguised marketing study? One man clearly has a view.

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Biotronik’s Baseball “Hall-Of-Famer” Brand Ambassador. It’s Just Not CricketMarch 29, 2012

A piece of beautifully crafted PR sees ICD company Biotronik endeavour to benefit by appointing an implantee sporting legend as its brand ambassador. Great initiative, but a shame they chose the second most boring game in the world.

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NICE Updates Infection Prevention GuidanceMarch 28, 2012

UK’s healthcare institute, NICE, has issued updated guidelines on practices designed to reduce healthcare associated infections from their current staggering number.

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Anaesthetists Prefer Green Light To DarknessMarch 5, 2012

By bathing the operating room in a dim green light, surgeons can still see the monitors while others avoid the hazards of cables and can continue to read labels.

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Dirty Surgical Instruments In The NewsFebruary 27, 2012

Ever seen debris in reprocessed sterile instruments? Yes, but at least it’s “sterile” debris…isn’t it?

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