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KFx® Sells AppianFx Arthroscopic Anchor System to Conmed CorporationDecember 7, 2015

ConMed is bolstering its shoulder anchor business with the addition of AppianFx from KFx

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Mitek Launches New VAPR® RF Arthroscopic Ablation DevicesJuly 14, 2015

Company claims a new level of performance, procedural efficiency and safety as devices promise better ablation combined with lower temperature

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DePuy Synthes Builds Mitek Sports Med Line with Camera Systems BuyFebruary 10, 2015

Mitek Sports Medicine will see its portfolio strengthened following the acquisition of low cost camera maker Olive Medical for an undisclosed fee

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Meniscus Repair Target for Cytori Cell Therapy: Study Starts

A first patient has been enrolled and treated in a trial studying Cytori’s Cell Therapy in patients undergoing surgery for traumatic meniscal injuries in the knee

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First Patient Enrolled in Horizontal Meniscus Tear Suture Repair StudyNovember 24, 2014

History suggests that repair of horizontal cleavage tears in the knee meniscus is both tricky and of questionable value. A new study should bring our knowledge up to date.

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Smith & Nephew Planning Software Takes the Guesswork out of Hip Arthroscopy for ImpingementMarch 12, 2014

Smith & Nephew says its newly launched DYONICS PLAN system allows surgeons to visualize, assess and generate a comprehensive surgical report for each patient’s unique Femoroacetabular impingement surgery before that patient ever enters the operating room.

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Stryker Completes Pivot Medical AcquisitionMarch 11, 2014

Stryker Corporation tells us it has completed its previously announced all-cash acquisition of Pivot Medical Inc., a move the Kalamazoo device company will hope enhances its position in the orthopaedic sports medicine and arthroscopy specialties.

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Need Another Arthroscopy Devices Market Report?February 26, 2014

Arthroscopy as a surgical discipline continues to grow. A new report says how and why, but we’re left wondering whether we need yet another company to tell us that we’re all getting older so need more of these subcritical procedures. It all sounds a bit obvious if the PR fluff is an example of what’s in the report.

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Mitek Sports Medicine Unveils Anatomic ACL Reconstruction PortfolioNovember 7, 2013

It’s been thought for over a decade that use of the anteromedial(AM) portal in ACL reconstruction is the best way of achieving an anatomical femoral socket, compared with drilling it through the tibial tunnel. Mitek sports medicine is showcasing its new purpose-designed Rigidfix® arc which facilitates Rigidfix cross pin fixation using the AM approach.

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Report Says US Arthroscopy Device Market Will Surpass $1 Billion by 2021August 8, 2013

Medtech market intelligence company Millennium Research Group, reckons demand for arthroscopy procedures will grow steadily in the United States through 2021, supported by the ageing population and increasing obesity rates. With procedural growth will come growth in the associated devices.

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Surgical Innovations Hip Arthroscopy Access System TestJune 10, 2013

MIS device company Surgical Innovations Group plc, has for a while been developing its own hip arthroscopy access system. Now it has got as far as pilot testing in a cadaveric model and declared the test a success.

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Arthroscopy Association Meeting Starts This ThursdayApril 22, 2013

This week sees the annual running of the Arthroscopy Association of North America (AANA) meeting. The event, which takes place from April 25-27, takes place in San Antonio, Texas and comprises its usual healthy treatment of all things arthroscopy.

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FDA Clears ArthroCare® SpeedLock® HIP Knotless Fixation ImplantMarch 4, 2013

ArthroCare® Corp. has received clearance from the U.S. FDA for its SpeedLock® HIP Knotless Fixation implant. SpeedLock HIP is a PEEK implant that is indicated for soft tissue fixation to bone in the hip.

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Lady Gaga Op Will Raise The Profile Of Hip ArthroscopyFebruary 20, 2013

UK hip surgeon Jon Conroy thinks Lady Gaga’s imminent surgery will help raise the worldwide profile of pioneering minimally invasive hip surgery.

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Meniscus Surgery Hasn’t Changed Much In 20 YearsFebruary 5, 2013

Arthroscopy and surgery of the meniscus has evolved gently, in contrast to the radical sea-changes that have occurred in coronary artery interventions. Maybe there hasn’t been enough focus, and perhaps this week’s second international meniscus symposium will change that.

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Covidien’s New Meniscal Repair Device Harks Back To All-Suture FixationDecember 4, 2012

Covidien must be hoping surgeons will see the benefit of simplicity in its new meniscal repair device which has the retro feel of the twin needle gizmos we first saw twenty years ago.

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