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Ultra-slimline Wallet? You know you want one.

Coming up with new stuff in medtech is easy enough. But the trick is finding a new device that hits the spot of delivering benefits that will justify its cost

Happy New Year 2016. Forward-Looking Goggles in Place?

Predictions for the next twelve months are easy. Beyond that, who knows what healthcare provision will look like in the face of seemingly insurmountable challenges.

Are We Witnessing a Change in Medtech Communications?

Is the humble Press Release dead or dying or just changing in function? Are engagement tools usurping the one way, formulaic sales pitch?

Might it be Summer? News Dearth Says Yes

It’s that time of year when enough of the world is on holiday that somehow the wheels stop turning for a few weeks

Looking after the Colony

Whatever governments and regulators throw at medtech, it’ll always come out fighting

Device Companies Becoming Part of the Healthcare Provision Furniture

Smart companies recognise that being integrated into healthcare provision they can very effectively protect their market share

Keep your Scandi Chairs, Medtech’s Moved On

Glorying in the past may be the domain of furniture designers, but medtech’s been having none of it as it’s breathtaking acceleration over the last 30 years has demonstrated

What Does “Next Generation” Really Mean?

UK Cycling worked on the mantra that the accumulation of marginal incremental gains delivered winning results. It’s the same in medtech development

How to Make the News When Really You Have None

Medical devices are so much more than just devices, they’re integral parts of “procedural solutions” apparently

Learning from Medtech’s Masters

The run-up to the UK General Election is throwing up some uniquely interesting possibilities that challenge the arrangements. Here’s a new plan then.