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Things we think of as Medical Devices have been around since medical interventions were first performed. From ants’ jaws being used to close wounds through to today’s incredible technologies, medtech is an undeniably dynamic and exciting industry. As technology advances, patient demand grows, cost containment becomes a priority and regulatory matters reach an increasingly informed public, the need for information on available and developing medical devices assumes a new level of significance.

At Medlatest we have years of experience in medical devices and a passion for the industry which we hope will come through in our delivery of news and views on the subject. We’re here to serve and we’re on a mission to play our part in making sure innovations get adopted appropriately and quickly.

Medlatest aims to fill an information gap by providing content gleaned from the global medical technology community and presenting it to healthcare providers and industry watchers alike.

For Medical Professionals and Industry Watchers

These days “information overload” is not just modern day jargon, it’s more a way of life. We’re not really aware of there being an overload as such any more, because we are drowning in it all the time…

More is not always better!

At Medlatest we filter and refine the huge amount of medical devices news and bring to you the information that you want, need, and require, removing the overload and turning down the volume to a nice quiet hum instead of the overwhelming siren blast it is today.

Medlatest is a medical devices news site

…with content hand-picked for interest and relevance to the international medical device user, specifier, and industry watcher. It has an international bias and a medical device user bias.

Medlatest brings together global medical device industry, product and technology news in an attractive, elegant and highly usable way.

Content can be reader-defined by selecting categories of interest, and the site mantra is to be as user-friendly as possible. It is also a place where medical device companies can create awareness of their capabilities and in so doing bring current thinking and information on new technologies to practitioner level.

Medlatest is not a blog

… and it is not a computer-generated newsfeed. It is not dedicated to the investor community nor any particular market. Unlike other device news sites it endeavours not to be completely US-centric..

Medlatest is a powerful tool for Medical Device Companies

Medlatest For companies

Medlatest is a powerful tool for getting Medical Technology news directly to end-users, specifiers, the b2b community and industry watchers.

Contact us to find out how you can get your news on the web quickly and have it fed out to interested readers within seconds of being published.

If you’re a Medical Devices Marketer seeking to raise awareness of your company and its products… this site is for you.