14th Congress of the European Association of Neurosurgical Societies (EANS) taking place in Rome this week

This week sees the European Association of Neurosurgeons holding its 14th annual congress in Rome. The event is taking place at the Palazzo dei Congressi between October 9th and 14th. According to the welcome letter, penned by Francesco Tomasello, President of the EANS Congress; “The aim of this Congress is to update neurosurgeons throughout Europe on advances achieved in the field, with particular reference to research, clinical developments, surgical skills and training. The scientific program will highlight different experiences and training programs in order to build a common European knowledge and culture. The educational program will enhance collaboration within the specialty and between subspecialties.”

In common with many surgical society meetings this congress has a significant educational as well as academic content and covers a broad range of neurosurgical disciplines including transsphenoidal approaches and further advances in skull base surgery. Unsurprisingly, given the venue, the faculty is heavily laden with Italians, with a significant representation from USA.

Source: EANS