New Device Promises Leak-Free Exercise for Women

A pioneering product that could help millions of UK women exercise without the worry of leaking urine will be launched at the Scottish Fitness Expo 2017, Glasgow, Scotland, 14th and 15th October 2017.


Incontinence results in the involuntary release of urine and affects around three million UK women. Estimates suggest 50% of these women experience stress incontinence; the unintentional loss of urine during movement such as running, lifting, yoga, aerobics, jumping and even coughing and sneezing.

UK business Mediplus will launch URESTA™, a reusable pessary that helps to significantly reduce or stop leaks so women can get on with their lives without worry or fear of embarrassment. Uresta is a safe and simple dedicated stress incontinence product designed especially for women who experience stress incontinence whilst exercising. The product is simple to fit, comfortable and discreet and can be worn daily. It allows people to self-manage their incontinence, with no requirement for GP or hospital appointment needed.

Developed by Canadian Urogynaecologist Scott Farrell, Uresta has been designed to be used for up to 24hrs per day. It can also only be worn for exercise. After removal it is simply removed, washed and dried prior to re-use.

The device is already available in Canada and has been used by 10,000 women in just over 2 years. It was also awarded the Adult Continence Care product of the year 2016.

Company comments

“Urinary incontinence is not a disease, it is a symptom of a physiological change in the body due to the weakening of pelvic floor muscles, childbirth or pelvic prolapse” explains Pelvic Floor Product Manager at Mediplus, Francesca McCabe.

“Sadly, it has a significant impact on quality of life and often becomes worse when pressure is put on the bladder during exercise. Many women prefer to self-manage the problem and the pessary is a good way of letting them have a normal lifestyle without inconvenience or risk of incontinence. We just want to give women their lives and dignity back.”

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