Bovie Medical Corporation Reports Success with Seer Tissue Resection Device Sales and Marketing

Bovie Medical Corporation, a manufacturer and marketer of electrosurgical products, today announced that the Company has completed numerous successful surgical procedures with its SEER tissue resection device in France, Italy, Belgium, Spain and in the United States. Sales of the product have commenced in both the U.S. and abroad.

The SEER utilizes RF energy and saline together with Bovie’s proprietary technology to create a distinct clinical effect that has been initially used in solid organ resection to cut tissue and limit blood loss while improving surgeon visibility and patient outcomes.

Since the SEER’s 510K clearance from the FDA in November 2008, the Company has employed three direct sales representatives and two specialty distributors dedicated to SEER sales. Regarding sales in the European Union, Bovie utilizes specialty distributors managed by Johan Segers who directs sales and marketing efforts for Europe and the Middle East.

The worldwide market size for tissue coagulation is estimated to exceed $500 million, and with the advent of Bovie’s new BOSS technology, management is focused on large and growing opportunities driven by an aging population. The BOSS technology, an expansion of the SEER technology, is especially designed for reducing blood loss during orthopedic surgery. The technology will address hip, knee and spinal fusion surgeries estimated to be over one million performed annually, and projected to grow at a rate of over 5 percent per annum.

Andrew Makrides, president of Bovie, commented that we are highly encouraged by surgeon responses to the SEER and the Company anticipates reporting on the BOSS and other product developments in coming weeks.

For further information about the Company’s current and new products, please refer to the Investor Relations section of Bovie’s website

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