CAMBfix – Funding For Device Which Improves Fracture Care

There are over four thousand wrist or ankle fractures every day in US and Europe. The cost is not just the medical treatment involved but the loss of quality of life. An improved way to treat the fractures has been developed by CAMBfix, a company started by Cambridge alumni.

CAMBfix announced that it has received £65,000 funding from Cambridge Enterprise Seed Funds and matching funds of £65,000k from North East Equity Matching Limited. The CAMBfix technology allows for the treatment of broken bones without the need for an open operation. The initial device is a wrist fractures fixator which allows for the movement of the joint during the course of treatment.

The two founders, Linda Pomeroy and Dr Ali Bajwa, a Trauma and Orthopaedic surgeon and research scientist, will continue to work with the company to develop the technology. Dr Bajwa said: ‘This new method of treating fractures will result in treatment without the need for an open operation ensuring early rehabilitation, and reducing the chances of infection and physiotherapy needs. It can also potentially be used in the field and is likely to prove invaluable for military and sports uses outside of established clinics improving care in environments with limited skills and resources.’

Dr Anne Dobrée, Investment Manager at Cambridge Enterprise Seed Funds, said: ‘The current practice of treating fractures can result in about one third of the cases developing a complication such as infection, stiffness, loss of fracture position and this leads to greater costs to the healthcare industry. The CAMBfix platform technology is not just good news for the patients but also will reduce healthcare industry costs related to fractures’.


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