Cardo Medical Announces Femur-First Versatility With Its Uni-Compartmental Knee System

Cardo Medical, a company engaged in the development of orthopedic medical devices, announces the femur-first versatility in surgical technique with its Uni-Compartmental Knee System. Uni-compartmental knee arthroplasty procedures are most commonly performed using tibial-first referencing surgical techniques; however the Cardo Medical Uni-Compartmental Knee system also provides surgeons with additional intra-operative versatility to easily adapt to femur-first surgical techniques. Dr. Andrew Yun, an orthopedic surgeon at St. John’s Hospital in Santa Monica, CA, has performed numerous femur-first uni-compartmental arthroplasty procedures and commented, “I have been very satisfied with the ease of use and outcomes with this system. The Cardo engineering team has been incredible to work with, and I have enjoyed the responsiveness and quality of work which comes from this group.” In addition, Dr. Jonathan Braslow, an orthopedic surgeon at JFK Memorial Hospital in Indio, CA, also stated, “The Cardo Align 360 instrumentation system eliminates the guesswork for the first cut, the system was easy and simple to use and creates a reproducible outcome each time.” The Align 360 Uni-Compartmental Knee System, Cardo Medical’s initial product release, has been used successfully since its introduction in January 2007. System enhancements for the femur-first approach include novel, unique femoral tibial alignment (“knee jack”) instruments with dedicated alignment and resection guides.

Dr. Andrew Brooks, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Cardo Medical, stated, “The Cardo Medical Uni-Compartmental Knee system was our first commercially available arthroplasty system, and also set the standards of simplicity, versatility and reproducibility we design into all our system offerings. The Align 360 Uni-Compartmental Knee system enables surgeons the flexibility to choose between both a tibial-first or femoral-first referencing and resection surgical technique and approach. With its innovative alignment and conservative resection instrumentation, the system easily adapts to any surgeons’ training and methodology, including use with mechanical or computer assisted surgical navigation. We are pleased to offer intra-operative versatility within all of our systems and continue to offer modularity and interchangeability, especially within our Align 360 knee platform. Our innovations especially with regards to instrumentation, surgical approaches and techniques enable surgeons to achieve excellent surgical outcomes.”

Source: Cardo Medical

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