Covidien Launches Evident™ Microwave Ablation System

Covidien, a world leader in advanced energy-based surgical systems, today announced the global release of the Evident™ microwave ablation system. Physicians now have a powerful new tool with industry-leading technology to ablate soft tissue.The Evident™ microwave ablation system received 510(k) clearance from the United States Food and Drug Administration for use in soft tissue, and is now the first microwave ablation system available globally.

The Evident™ microwave ablation system is intended for coagulation of soft tissue during percutaneous, laparoscopic and open surgical procedures. Microwave energy emanates from the feed point of the radiating section of the antenna, causing coagulation of the tissue. The system then creates heat by generating friction through the vibration of water molecules. With microwave ablation, there is no current flow through the patient, eliminating the need for grounding pads.

“We are extremely excited to offer the Evident™ microwave ablation system to physicians throughout the world,” said Christopher Carlton, Vice President and General Manager, Interventional Oncology, Covidien. “As the only company to offer both microwave and radiofrequency ablation systems, we see the Evident™ system as a significant new tool in a doctor’s arsenal, which can positively contribute to better patient outcomes.”

With today’s launch, physicians will now have access to a unique system for tissue ablation. Microwave technology has shown promising results in ablating soft tissue in patients who are not candidates for surgical resection and have few remaining treatment options.

“Microwave technology has allowed me to treat patients with larger ablations and more quickly compared to radiofrequency,” said Anton Bilchik, M.D., Medical Director of the California Oncology Research Institute and Clinical Professor of Medicine at UCLA School of Medicine. “This system provides physicians with efficient and fast ablation.”

This major technological advance allows surgical oncologists, interventional radiologists, hepatobiliary surgeons and other medical specialists to perform percutaneous, laparoscopic or open surgical soft tissue ablation, and in less time than other forms of ablation – the Evident™ microwave ablation system can take 10 minutes or less. The speed and efficiency of the Evident™ microwave ablation system may mean less time in the operating or radiology suite and less time that patients will spend under anesthesia.

Robert Martin, M.D., Associate Professor of Surgery, Division of Surgical Oncology at the University of Louisville James Graham Brown Cancer Center added, “Compared to other ablative systems, this microwave system has a more efficient heating mechanism. This leads to faster, more efficient ablations that can be performed simultaneously, and thus leads to less time under anesthesia for the patient.”

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