Delta XTEND Reverse Shoulder System adds a new high mobility cup

Delta Xtend™ Reverse Shoulder SystemDelta XtendTM Reverse Shoulder System
The Delta XtendTM system is a total semi-constrained shoulder arthroplasty. It reverses the normal relationship between the scapular and humeral components, moving the scapulo-humeral joint center of rotation medially and inferiorly. By doing this, it increases the deltoid lever arm as well as the deltoid tension therefore allowing the muscles of the deltoid group to compensate for rotator cuff deficiency. The Delta XtendTM offers humeral stems designed for both press-fit and cemented fixation. The glenoid component is cementless with four screws as primary fixation and HA coating for secondary fixation.

For more information on the Delta XTEND, see the DePuy website.

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