DePuy Launches VIPER® Cortical Fix Fenestrated Screw in Europe


In patients with poor bone quality, vertebral fixation with standard pedicle screws can be problematic. The cortical thread in DePuy’s new VIPER Cortical Fix Fenestrated Screw is designed to increase resistance to pull-out forces by doubling the number of screw-to-bone contact points.  In addition, surgeons can decide intra-operatively to inject spinal cement directly into the vertebral body through the fenestrations in the screw for even greater fixation.

The VIPER Cortical Fix Fenestrated Screw is fully cannulated for use in both open and minimally invasive techniques and is compatible with the VIPER MIS Spine System and the EXPEDIUM® Spine System.  Delivery instruments offered with the VIPER Cortical Fix Fenestrated Screw include alignment devices and cement delivery cannulas for use with DePuy Spine’s CONFIDENCE Spinal Cement System™ or the V-Max® Mixing and Delivery System.


Clinician comments 

“This new screw, designed with older patients in mind, offers two mechanical improvements.  First, it increases the number of contact points in the pedicle and second, it allows the use of cement in the vertebral body through its fenestrations,” said Fernández-Baíllo, MD* from Hospital Univ. La Paz and Hospital Univ. Madrid Sanchinarro, both in Madrid.

Company comments 

“The VIPER Cortical Fix Fenestrated Screw System fills a growing clinical need as the elderly population rises and the incidence of osteoporosis and spinal disorders increases throughout the world,” said Aldo Denti, Vice President, DePuy EMEA. “This new option helps us address the anatomic issues and spinal pathologies facing this specific patient population.”

Clinical need 

According to the U.S. Census Bureau’s International Data Base, the world’s 65 and older population is projected to triple by 2050, from 516 million to 1.53 billion people.  In Europe, nearly 30 percent of its total population is projected to be 65-and-older.  With this rise in population, the World Health Organization (WHO) Worldwide predicts the overall prevalence of osteoporosis and related fractures will increase substantially.

*Dr. Fernández-Baíllo has a Consultancy and Education Contract Agreement with DePuy in EMEA

Source: DePuy Spine Inc