Flamel Technologies Announces Appointment of Jeffery S. Vick as Chief Business Officer

Flamel Technologies today announced that Jeffery Vick has joined its senior management team as Flamel’s Chief Business Officer. Mr. Vick previously served as Chief Executive Officer of Silence Therapeutics plc, a leading European RNAi company. Mr. Vick received his MBA from Stanford University, his MS in Chemistry from the University of California, San Diego, and brings to Flamel over twenty years experience in the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries.

“Jeff’s expertise in corporate development, market research, and intellectual property issues has been developed both in Europe and in the U.S.,” remarked Stephen H. Willard, the Company’s chief executive officer. “His background in these areas, together with his history of doing fundamental research in oncology and his work in developing biotechnology, drug delivery and genomics companies, makes him an ideal addition to the Flamel team. My colleagues and I are greatly looking forward to Jeff’s assistance in building upon Flamel’s existing relationships with our pharmaceutical and biotechnology partners and in developing new ones.”

“Flamel’s technology platforms are ideally positioned to provide important solutions to the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries. These extend to efficacy and safety, but also to important issues in drug development such as stabilization and the extension of effective half-life without affecting bioactivity,” said Mr. Vick. “I am particularly pleased to be joining a company which enjoys tremendous growth opportunities coupled with a solid financial foundation.”

Source: Flamel Technologies

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