First Ethicon Cardiac Symposium

The first ETHICON Cardiac Symposium was held at the SCTS 2011 Conference on March 21st at the EXCEL Centre, London. The symposium entitled, ‘Assessment and Improvement of Morbidity after Cardiac Surgery’ and was chaired by Mr. Frank Wells (Papworth) and was attended by 60 delegates and 4 faculty.
Mr Frank Wells presented on the Impact and the Importance of Measuring Patient Morbidity. Mortality was the challenge, now clinicians are focusing on Patient Morbidity. In the future SSI surveillance should include: Valves, thoracic, transplantation & PTE surgeries.
Mr. Gavin Murphy (Bristol) presented on The Impact of patient Blood management on Morbidity and raised questions on what are the most effective blood conservation modalities or combination of modalities (patient blood management) based on evidence?
Dr. Astudilio (Sweden) gave a very honest insight into the impact of Surgical site Infection in Cardiac Surgery and detailed some of the actions taken to reduce infection. Adoption of Plus Sutures was one of the intra-operative steps taken as part of his overall Infection Reduction Plan.
Martin Kiernan (President of the Infection Control Society) gave an excellent overview of the Care Bundle approach and it’s potential impact on Cardiac Surgery.
Patient Morbidity after cardiac surgery is an extremely important issue and this was a great forum to discuss and debate such a hot topic. Further information on ETHICON’s CV Portfolio is available from:

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