OrthoView™ Launches Version 5.2 – Additional Spine Module Features

OrthoView™, the global leader in orthopaedic planning solutions, today announced the release of its latest version 5.2 software. Building on its already feature-rich version 5.1, OrthoView 5.2 includes refinements and additions to its spine deformity assessment module.

OrthoView, the digital pre-operative orthopaedic planning solution-of-choice, is used by orthopaedic surgeons and radiologic clinicians around the world. It provides an unrivalled library of digital templates for joint replacement and trauma procedures, as well as unique specialist toolsets for limb deformity correction and pediatric assessment. OrthoView’s digital template library includes thousands of templates from a wide range of orthopaedic partners including: Zimmer, DePuy, Biomet Orthopedics, Smith & Nephew, Synthes and many more.

“OrthoView 5.2 includes a range of new and precise tools for the spine module,” said David League, OrthoView’s Vice President of Sales, North America. “In addition to the list of spine module assessment capabilities in version 5.1, version 5.2 now includes such tools as the Nash Moe Grading Guide, Thoracic Trunk Shift Wizard, a combined Pelvic Incidence, Sacral Slope and Pelvic Tilt Wizard and more. We will continue to respond to our customers’ requirements with software improvements.”

Working with a wide range of digital PACs systems, OrthoView’s Spine Module makes the process of assessing conditions associated with pediatric scoliosis quicker and easier. In addition to the newest wizards for its Spine Module (Nash Moe Grading Guide, Thoracic Trunk Shift Wizard, enhanced Pelvic Incidence Wizard), OrthoView’s Version 5.2 offers an extensive number of wizards for the assessment of spinal deformity measurements that are based on HARMS and Spinal Deformity Study Group requirements.

These wizards include:

  • Cobb Angle
  • Proximal Thoracic Cobb
  • Main Thoracic Cobb
  • Thoracolumbar/Lumbar Cobb
  • Coronal Balance C7 to CSVL
  • Apical Translation
  • Thoracic Trunk Shift Wizard
  • Nash Moe Grading Guide
  • Risser Grade Wizard
  • Thoracic Sagittal Alignment T2-T12
  • Thoracic Sagittal Alignment T5-T12
  • Thoracic Sagittal Alignment T1-L2
  • Thoracic Sagittal Alignment T12-S1
  • Sagittal Balance
  • Pelvic Incidence
  • Sacral Slope
  • Pelvic Tilt

Plus Spinal Tool Set includes:

  • Vertebra Centroid
  • Vertical Line Meter
  • Small (Cobb) Angle
  • Multiple Cobb Angle
  • Spinal Hook (for rod placement)
  • Total Length Measure

For more information about OrthoView 5.2 please contact David League, Vice President Sales, North America, at 904- 493-6112 or david.league@orthoview.com.

About OrthoView™

OrthoView™ is the world’s most widely used digital orthopaedic planning solution, used in hospitals and clinics worldwide. With a comprehensive library of digital templates from major orthopaedic implant manufacturers, OrthoView™ offers pre-operative planning and templating for joint replacement surgery as well as specialist modules for pediatric assessment, limb deformity correction and spinal measurement. Quick and simple to use, OrthoView™ delivers accurate and reliable recommendations for the orthopaedic team.

Source: medicalnewstoday.com

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