Sorin Group acquires Endoscopic Vessel Harvesting Business from Datascope, Inc.

Sorin Group, a global company and a leader in the treatment of cardiovascular diseases, announced today that it has acquired the Clearglide® endoscopic vessel harvesting product line of Datascope Inc. Endoscopic vessel harvesting (‘EVH’) devices enable less-invasive harvesting of vessels for use in coronary artery bypass grafting. EVH procedures replace traditional open vessel harvesting, and avoid significant pain and discomfort for patients. In addition, the large incision that is required in an open vessel harvesting procedure is associated with a high rate of wound complications including dehiscence, hematoma and infection. The endoscopic approach is associated with fewer wound complications than the traditional open method.

“After conclusion in 2008 of our divestiture program, this transaction is a first step towards reinforcing our leading cardiac surgery franchises. This acquisition will be particularly exciting for Sorin Group’s United States business as it will reinforce our product offering and consolidate our position as the leading provider of innovative solutions for the cardiac surgery clinical community, ” said André-Michel Ballester, C.E.O. Sorin Group.


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