St. Jude’s Newly Launched SyncAV CRT Technology Targets Non-Responsive CRT Patients

St. Jude Medical Japan Co. Ltd., has announced the launch of SyncAV™ CRT software, adding to its cardiac resynchronization therapy (CRT) portfolio. The SyncAV CRT software algorithm is designed to function independently to address and effectively treat heart failure patients, some of whom are not responsive to other pacing options.


CRT technology resynchronizes the ventricles in heart failure patients, but while studies have shown that CRT can improve outcomes and the quality of life for many, some patients do not respond optimally to traditional CRT, leaving physicians with limited options to improve their clinical outcomes for their patients. This group forms the target for St. Jude’s SyncAV technology.

The technology, which automatically adjusts pacing based on real-time changes in a patient’s cardiac condition, also provides physicians the opportunity to further improve treatment of patients who have responded positively to traditional CRT. By allowing physicians to activate SyncAV CRT independently, the software provides physicians additional options to individually optimize CRT settings for their heart failure patients, many of whom have resynchronization needs that can vary widely depending on their disease. SyncAV™ technology is compatible with existing Quadra Assura CRT-D and Allure Quadra CRT-P which have already been MRI conditional.

Physician comments

“We have made great improvements in how we are managing heart failure patients, but certain patients still do not get the desired outcomes from traditional CRT. The new SyncAV CRT algorithm individualizes programming to treat patients with the right settings at the right time to offer the best possible outcome for even our most complex patients,” said Dr. Takeshi Mitsuhashi, Saitama Medical Center Jichi Medical University, Saitama, Japan. “This technology offers patients who are not responding to therapy additional options for treatment with the goal of ultimately improving outcomes.”

Company comments

“St. Jude Medical remains dedicated to continued leadership in heart failure management, helping physicians to manage some of their most complex patients. SyncAV CRT technology is another important advance that can help physicians manage their patients,” said Dr. Mark Carlson, vice president of global clinical affairs and chief medical officer at St. Jude Medical.

Source: St. Jude Medical

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