Steris and Toshiba To Collaborate On Hybrid Surgical Suites.


STERIS Corporation, a recognized leader in surgical support and integration technologies, and Toshiba America Medical Systems, Inc., provider of medical imaging technology, have formed an alliance to offer advanced vascular, cardiovascular, pediatric and neurosurgical hybrid surgical suites to healthcare systems seeking the latest patient-focused interventions.


The STERIS-Toshiba alliance brings together two companies with many years of experience in operating room design, OR integration and medical imaging, who also have a mutual understanding of each other’s products and services. The two companies will collaborate to develop highly advanced surgical suites, blending the strengths of both medical device leaders.

Toshiba will provide tableside digital information and imaging technologies, and STERIS will deliver custom-designed high-definition integrated surgical suites featuring LED surgical lighting and visualization systems, and Harmony iQ™ advanced integration and OR equipment management solutions.

STERIS’s expert room design services, including its three-dimensional Room Builder software and project management expertise, will allow the two companies to design and seamlessly integrate their technologies for their joint Customers. The resulting STERIS/Toshiba hybrid suites will enable surgical and diagnostic teams to carry out a vast range of image-guided cardiovascular, vascular, and neurosurgical interventional procedures as well as open surgeries.

Company comments

“We recognize the great interest our clinical partners have in advancing care through surgical innovation and improved efficiencies and outcomes,” commented Robert Popilock, senior market development manager, STERIS Surgical Solutions. “Hybrid operating rooms offer tremendous opportunities to advance care, but designing and building these complex rooms is a huge task. Challenges such as how to eliminate collision points for equipment, optimize circulator pathways and provide ergonomic and intuitive tools at the surgical field, must be addressed. We are pleased to be able to help streamline the decision, design and integration processes for Customers through collaboration with Toshiba America Medical Systems, a leader in the hybrid OR space.”

“Toshiba is committed to developing the most efficient and innovative technology in the industry, while improving patient care and making exams safer,” said Stephen Bumb, director, X-ray Vascular Business Unit, Toshiba. “Aligning with strategic partners like STERIS Corporation, Toshiba can offer advanced hybrid labs to meet the needs of large hospitals and healthcare networks by treating patients with interventional and surgical procedures all in one suite.”

medlatest comments

The terms and financial implications of the collaboration are not made clear in the press release, but this could be a good marriage with implicit benefits for both parties, while bringing new ideas to the operating environment.

Source: Steris, medlatest staff