Tissuemed Launch ‘Unique’ Surgical Sealant Films

A unique range of highly adherent surgical sealant films, which act as a barrier to air, blood and other fluids encountered in surgery, have been unveiled by Tissuemed.

Showcased at this year’s MEDICA, the TissuePatch family of products are thin, synthetic, self-adhesive films with the potential to revolutionise surgical procedures worldwide.

Tissuemed TissuepatchMore adherent than surgical glues, TissuePatch is easy to apply, requires no preparation and is effective within 30 seconds of contact.

Its elasticity and conformability means it works like a surgical ‘cling-film’ and can be programmed to have different characteristics; addressing the very specific demands of different surgical environments and tissue types. It is also transparent to allow operators to visualise the underlying tissues.

Currently being used in a variety of surgical applications; the innovative solution is ideal for sealing cerebro-spinal fluid leaks in brain and spinal surgery and on a variety of organs in general surgery where blood and fluid leakage needs to be prevented. Nick Woods, CEO of Tissuemed, said: “We have spent six years developing this unique solution and are delighted to be able to showcase it at MEDICA. We are totally convinced that TissuePatch will revolutionise the way many surgical procedures are carried out and our enthusiasm is already being shared with surgeons.

“In addition to our own efforts to commercialise the TissuePatch family there are many products in surgery which could benefit from this “sticky polymer” technology. We are hopeful that at Medica we may find potential development partners in areas we may not even have considered thus far.”

For further information please visit the Tissuemed website www.tissuemed.com

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