“breakthrough technology” in sealing air leaks

  • “This really is a major breakthrough”
  • “I don’t currently use any glue or sealant for air leaks because they’re not effective enough to be worth the hassle”
  • “Anyone who says they don’t have a problem with air leaks is not telling the truth”
  • “I’m a cardiac surgeon so strictly speaking I don’t treat lungs, but it’s very common for me to encounter problematic air leaks while I’m in the chest cavity for re-do surgery. I’d appreciate having this on the shelf”

These are just a few comments from surgeons visiting Tissuemed’s exhibition booth at the recent European Association of Cardiothoracic surgeons (EACTS) meeting in Geneva.

The response to Tissuemed’s new tissue sealant film, TissuePatch3 was, to quote Deputy Chairman Nick Woods; “amazingly positive, but only telling us what we already know… air leaks are an issue, current offerings have limited efficacy and TissuePatch3 addresses all the challenges. Rarely have I seen surgeons leave a booth to return later with their colleagues” .

TissuePatch3 is a thin (<40micron) multilaminate film made predominantly from Tissuemed’s proprietary “Terpolymer” that bonds with target tissues, a process known as in situ cross-linking. TissuePatch3 is flexible, elastic and strong, has an anti-adhesion upper surface, is absorbable in a clinically relevant timeframe, is transparent so the surgeon can see underlying tissues and is synthetic so doesn’t carry any concerns regarding use of human or animal proteins. It’s very easy to use, requiring no preparation time and only 30 seconds apposition with tissue to provide a strong impermeable skin.

Tissuemed is rapidly establishing a distribution network across Europe and has its sights set on achieving market leadership in the field of air leak resolution. TissuePatch3 has a variety of other applications for which it also carries CE mark approval, to include use to prevent bleeding of the solid organs, liver etc. CEO and co-developer of the technology David Fortune states; “This is a platform technology that can provide a real answer to many of today’s surgical challenges. It’s not inconceivable that in a year or two it will have meaningful applications in all areas of surgery.”

More details at www.tissuepatch.com

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