Wright Medical Group, Inc. Announces Featured Product Innovations for the 2009 AAOS Meeting

Wright Medical Group, Inc., a global orthopaedic medical device company will attend the 2009 American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons (AAOS) Meeting in Las Vegas, Nevada February 25-28 to highlight numerous exciting product innovations across a range of orthopaedic specialties. New products to be featured in the Wright Medical booth (#4215) at the Sands Expo will include:


PROPHECY™ Pre-Operative Navigation Guides – Envision the results™

Wright will debut its PROPHECY™ Pre-Operative Navigation Guides for knee replacement at the 2009 AAOS meeting. Developed as a solution to the obstacles surgeons often face using traditional instrumentation, the PROPHECY™ process uses advanced imaging technology to help surgeons plan precise implant alignment before they enter the O.R. Once the procedure begins, custom PROPHECY™ surgical guides help the surgeon to place and align the implant with pinpoint accuracy. Wright will make this exciting new technology fully available in the spring of 2009.

STATURE™ Modular Hip Reconstruction – Never Compromise™

Skeletal structures come in all shapes, sizes, and statures. As a leading innovator in the orthopedic industry, Wright is proud to showcase its complete line of STATURE™ Modular Hip Reconstruction products with a wide variety of hip stem options. Wright’s STATURE™ Modular Hip System uses the PROFEMUR® modular necks to anatomically reconstruct and replace the hip – not simply replace it. The STATURE™ Modular Hip System offers the tools necessary to reconstruct the hip with a custom combination of modular components resulting in true reconstruction and replacement based on the patient’s natural anatomy. The STATURE™ Modular Hip System is yet another example of Wright’s commitment to providing both surgeons and patients innovative solutions that promote the best possible surgical outcomes.


INBONE® Total Ankle System – Taking the Curve Out of Learning

The INBONE® Total Ankle System is the only ankle replacement system on the market utilizing intramedullary guidance instrumentation and in-situ assembly of the modular ankle implants. These unique features help reduce the “learning curve” associated with traditional ankle replacement systems, thus allowing accurate and highly-stable implant placement time after time.

G-FORCE™ Foot and Ankle Tenodesis Screw System

Wright will introduce its G-FORCE™ Tenodesis Screw System for soft-tissue fixation procedures in foot and ankle surgery. With approximately 120,000 foot and ankle soft-tissue fixation procedures performed annually in the U.S., the need for effective soft tissue fixation devices is extensive. The G-FORCE™ Tenodesis System represents an advanced treatment option for the repair of damaged tendons, and re-routing or “transfer” of tendons of the foot. Key features include streamlined instrumentation which allows optimal tendon tensioning, high fixation strength (demonstrated as up to 35% stronger than the leading competitive device), and a radiolucent PEEK Optima® implant material. The G-FORCE™ Tenodesis System will offer unique screw sizes and instruments specifically designed for foot and ankle surgical applications.

MICRONAIL® II Distal Radius Implant, Now with Radiolucent Instrumentation

Since its full introduction in early 2005, Wright’s MICRONAIL® system has become a trusted choice for less invasive surgical treatment of wrist fractures, having been implanted in over 4,800 patients worldwide. Unlike traditional plates which require large dissections, the MICRONAIL® implant is an intramedullary nail that is inserted through a two centimeter incision in the side of the radius. This “tissue sparing” surgical technique allows surgeons to minimize surgical trauma, which in turn helps speed recovery for patients. At the 2009 AAOS meeting, Wright will demonstrate a next-generation radiolucent instrument set with improved targeting guides designed to simplify and improve the MICRONAIL® fixation procedure.

“We look forward to welcoming surgeons to the Wright booth this year for a preview of some remarkable orthopaedic innovations,” said Gary D. Henley, Wright’s President and CEO. “We continually emphasize our responsiveness to surgeon needs, and these products underline both our commitment and ability to deliver product solutions that effectively address those needs.”

Wright Medical Group, Inc. is a global orthopaedic medical device company specializing in the design, manufacture and marketing of reconstructive joint devices and biologics. The Company has been in business for more than 50 years and markets its products in over 60 countries worldwide. For more information about Wright Medical, visit our website at www.wmt.com.

Source: Wright Medical

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