Wright Medical Group, Inc. Introduces CORETRAK Articulating External Fixator for Foot Surgery

Wright Medical Group, Inc., a global orthopaedic medical device company, announced the launch of its patent pending CORETRAK™ Articulating External Fixator. The CORETRAK™ articulating fixator design is well-suited for challenging fixation cases of the foot, such as those involving diabetic patients.

The goal of Wright’s CORETRAK™ articulating fixator design is to simplify the procedure for the surgeon, the patient, and hospital staff. The device also addresses a growing need for minimally invasive solutions that respect the body’s natural ability to heal, which is particularly important for the growing population of diabetics who are already at a high risk for surgical complications.

Robert D. Santrock, M.D. of Midlands Orthopedics in Columbia, South Carolina, specializes in the care and treatment of the diabetic foot and its associated complications. Dr. Santrock expressed, “The new articulating CORETRAK™ fixator will take external fixation to a new level with its low profile, patient-friendly design and adaptability to multiple conditions in the foot.” His associate William C. James, III, M.D. noted, “External fixation is particularly useful for the diabetic foot due to its ability to stabilize bones while avoiding areas with open wounds and/or infection. I find it a useful tool for reconstructing the foot in a high risk patient.”

Bradley M. Lamm, D.P.M., Head of Foot and Ankle Surgery, International Center for Limb Lengthening of the Rubin Institute for Advanced Orthopedics at Sinai Hospital in Baltimore, Maryland further commented, “I am looking forward to this new technology for the treatment of arthritis in the big toe joint. The CORETRAK™ articulating fixator has specific design features to address pain and stiffness in the toe joint and may save a patient from a joint replacement or fusion.”

Wright’s CORETRAK™ Articulating Fixator is provided in a sterile packaged procedure kit to save surgical facilities time and expense of cleaning and sterilizing. The kits may also be useful for military and emergency operations where time is critical. The new CORETRAK™ fixator will be made available immediately in the U.S. through Wright’s specialized foot and ankle sales force, and in select countries outside the U.S. through its direct and distributor-based sales representatives.

The CORETRAK™ fixator is the latest addition to Wright’s market-leading suite of products for foot and ankle surgeons. These include the CHARLOTTE™ family of reconstructive implants, DARCO® locked plating systems, ORTHOLOC™ variable angle plates, the BIOARCH® subtalar implant, CANCELLO-PURE® and BIOFOAM™ osteotomy wedge systems, ENDO-FUSE™ implants, DART-FIRE™ small screw systems, GRAFTJACKET® regenerative tissue matrix, and the INBONE® total ankle.

Wright Medical Group, Inc. is a global orthopaedic medical device company specializing in the design, manufacture and marketing of reconstructive joint devices and biologics. The Company has been in business for more than 50 years and markets its products in over 60 countries worldwide. For more information about Wright Medical, visit the company’s website at www.wmt.com.

Source: Wright Medical

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