Zimmer Biomet to Acquire Clinical Graphics to Aid Surgical Decision Making

Orthopedic medtech titan, Zimmer Biomet Holdings, Inc. has announced the strategic acquisition of Clinical Graphics, B.V., which specializes in 3D range-of-motion simulation technology to inform treatment decisions for common hip conditions requiring early intervention.


Clinical Graphics is a recognized pioneer in the field of 3D interactive range-of-motion simulation reports for common hip conditions such as femoroacetabular impingement and dysplasia, and physicians rely on its technology to characterize the physiology of a patient’s pain and direct treatment approaches. The company¬†began in 2010 as a spin-off from Delft University of Technology and is headquartered in The Netherlands. The company can convert medical scans into 3D motion simulations of patients’ anatomy, thereby¬†enabling physicians to make well-informed treatment decisions.

Zimmer Biomet plans to integrate the new imaging platform to enhance its hip preservation portfolio.

Company comments

for Zimmer Biomet

“3D imaging represents the next generation of treating joint pain, and we’re excited to team up with Clinical Graphics and integrate our technologies to further enhance the clinical utility of our market leading hip portfolio,” said Dan Williamson, Group President, Joint Reconstruction for Zimmer Biomet.

for Clinical Graphics

“Zimmer Biomet is a well-respected leader in musculoskeletal healthcare, and an ideal parent company to usher our breakthrough technologies into mainstream clinical practice as the standard of care for managing joint disease,” said Peter Krekel, Managing Director of Clinical Graphics. “We’re thrilled to join the Zimmer Biomet family and look forward to working together to improve the care of patients living with joint pain.”

Source: PR Newswire

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