Welsh Healthcare on Show at Medica 2017

Undoubtedly Europe’s biggest medical expo, this year’s Medica sees representation from across sectors and UK geographies. Medica attracts over 130,000 specialist visitors from over 120 countries, sharing in the latest innovations and trends for the medical industry. This year sees dedicated representation, including a significant number of Welsh healthcare companies, supported by the Welsh government:

EDK Diagnostics

Cardiff’s EDK is launching a new product at Medica – “POC Connect” – a data management mobile app that enables the storage, access and transmission of hemoglobin results directly from EFK Diagnostic’s DiaSpect™ hemoglobin analyzer to a smartphone via Bluetooth® technology. The POC Connect mobile app is the world’s first mobile data management solution for a reagent-free haemoglobin testing device.

Katja Lemburg, Hematology Global Product Manager from EKF Diagnostics said, “Within developing countries there is a growing demand for mobile data management solutions due to the lack of internet-based communications infrastructure and the bi-passing of more traditional based middleware providers. So this new development is an ideal solution where internet connections can be unreliable. Mobile heath care services are on the increase so we hope to see our smartphone-based connectivity solution playing a part in this growing trend. We’re looking forward to unveiling this world first at Medica this year.”

Ultrasound Technologies Ltd

Caldicot-based Ultrasound Technologies Ltd have designed and manufactured medical devices since 1992.

Nick See, Managing Director of Ultrasound Technologies Ltd, said: “For Ultrasound Technologies Medica is a good opportunity for us to connect with our existing international distributors and to enter discussions with potential new markets. With the Welsh Government supporting us with the exhibition stand it provides the perfect shopfront for promoting the Company and its products to a wider audience. Ultrasound Technologies is now in its 25th year at Medica and will be introducing the Bluedop Vascular Expert on our stand an advancement in assessing Peripheral Arterial Disease. We will also be exhibiting our CO2 Insufflator for CT Colonography along with our range of fetal and vascular dopplers and fetal monitors.

Trecento Diagnostics

Trecento Diagnostics develop, manufacture and market molecular and assay based testing products to support the human and veterinary pet care diagnostic markets. Trecento products help improve and extend the life of companion animals, supporting vets and owners to safeguard the health and wellbeing of their pets. HygieCatch® is the first ever canine urine collection device with patented technology and a unique attractant that helps stimulate dogs to urinate.

Mark Pinder, CEO from Trecento Diagnostics, said: “At Trecento we are looking to sign new overseas distributors and Medica is perfect for this. Our main interest is the link between conditions that affect animals that also have a direct link to human health such as Lyme Disease. HygieCatch, our first product to market in the animal health sector is ingeniously simple, saves time and money, and enables customers to collect a clean urine sample ready for testing without their pets experiencing any unnecessary stress. Although blood has traditionally been the source for DNA, urine has proved to be a viable alternative and actually delivers long-term financial and logistical advantages both in the animal and human health sectors.

“In the human health sector the financial implications for the NHS are enormous. Using urine rather than blood for routine testing could generate hundreds of millions of pounds worth of savings. Our aim is to speed up the method of testing for conditions and improve that treatment pathway. The Welsh Government has been a great support, helping us with our plans to bring our products to new markets.”

Single Use Surgical

Cardiff-based Single Use Surgical will use Medica to launch their new product to an international market – the pioneering single-use Diathermy Abbey Needle with suction. The device will help surgeons improve performance and outcomes during a range of procedures.

Single Use Surgical export manager, Michael Denver, said: “The launch of this pioneering device means there is no need for separate suction. This prevents crowding the surgical site in smaller, harder to reach areas. It also offers targeted and effective smoke extraction and being single-use, means it reduces the risks associated with cross-contamination and unintentional patient burns from damaged insulation.”

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