Abu Dhabi’s Al Rawdah German Medical Center invests in “new European medical technology”

According to a press release, Al Rawdah German Medical Center in Abu Dhabi continues to provide evidence that it is investing in the latest Western European technology. The release details a new insole measurement system used by the Orthopaedics Department, which is the latest medical equipment to be introduced to the centre, and compliments the magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) technology also employed in the unit.

Managing Director for Al Rawdah German Medical Center and Orthopaedic Surgeon, Dr. Hans-Joachim Poessel, states that the new insole measurement system from Germany offers a three dimensional (3D) image of the patients’ feet and allows for a thorough diagnosis in a variety of foot problems to be identified.

“Our feet are crucial elements towards our posture and issues of the feet can cause pain and discomfort in the patient,” Dr. Poessel said.

“Our new insole measurement system scans the base of the feet and the 3D image allows us to easily diagnose issues concerning posture such as fallen arches and if required, enables us to custom-make insoles for our patients.”

The insoles are made in Germany and are usually made available for the patients around two weeks after their scan. The insoles can be made not only to fit into a variety of shoes, but also to be used as a sandal or thong.

“This new technology is great for the climate within the United Arab Emirates where people do not wish to have their feet constantly in closed shoes,” Dr. Poessel said.

“Our patients have already started benefitting from this technology and using the insoles as sandals.”

The Center aims to start introducing this technology to school children in an attempt to reduce the number of issues they may face in later life.

Al Rawdah German Medical Center employs 100% German qualified and experienced doctors to the region.

Source: AMEinfo