Aesculap Unveils Cinch Organ Retractor for Laparoscopic Surgery

Aesculap has released the Cinch Organ Retractor for laparoscopic surgery, a device specially designed by Dr. Carlos Galvani from the University of Arizona to retract organs during reduced and single-port surgery.

The Aesculap Cinch Organ Retractor contains mostly reusable components that can be easily manipulated to improve surgical exposure, while the silicone band allows for a wide range of retractor placement. The Aesculap Cinch Organ Retractor does not block trocar access during a procedure, and clip application and removal is easy and safe.

Advantages of the Cinch Organ Retractor:

  • The Cinch Organ Retractor does not block any trocar access during the procedure, since the application forceps can be withdrawn after the clip has been applied.
  • The Cinch Organ Retractor can be manipulated as required and brought into a favorable position for the relevant stage of the operation to improve surgical exposure.
  • The Cinch Organ Retractor always exerts the same defined pressure (5.0N).

Features & Benefits:

  • Easy,safe and rapid clip application and removal
  • Atraumatic retraction clip designed to firmly grasp tissue
  • Reliable hook needle for secure attachment to the parietal peritoneum
  • Medical grade latex-free silicone band offers a range of retractor placement
  • Choice of application and removal forceps for straight or angled clip application
  • Multiple retractors can be applied if necessary

Source: Aesculap