Althea Donates £100,000+ Covid-19 Support for NHS Charities

Leading medical equipment service provider Althea and its majority shareholder have announced the commitment of over £100,000 in charitable donations to support the Covid-19 relief efforts of four NHS charities during the global pandemic.

The donations will provide aid to the remarkable NHS staff working on the frontlines to tackle the extreme challenges of Covid-19, enabling access to food, essential supplies and equipment, and ensuring they can safely continue to care for and protect local communities.

As well as supporting staff caring for coronavirus patients, the funds will also provide relief to patients in isolation wards, helping them to cope better with the isolation experience and facilitating communication with their loved ones.

Each of the four NHS charities have been chosen as long-term customers of Althea in response to their covid-19 support campaigns, launched at a time when NHS staff are working relentlessly to respond to the global health crisis and hospitals operating under great strain, including in hard-hit areas such as Derby and Leicester.

·       Derby & Burton Hospitals Charity –the charity has launched a ‘Covid-19 Support Appeal’ to support their patients and staff during and after the covid-19 pandemic. They are asking for help to support staff currently caring for patients with the coronavirus and vulnerable, high risk groups.

·       Leicester Hospitals Charity – the charity is now specifically focussed on their ‘Covid-19 Response Fund’ primarily to support hospital staff leading the fight on the front line across all three of their hospitals, while also helping vulnerable patients and their families cope with the extraordinary demands of the pandemic.

·       The Whittington Hospital Charitable Funds – the charity has created a ‘Coronavirus Relief Fund’ to support the welfare of their staff and patients during this incredibly difficult time. Some of the projects they have funded so far include extra furniture for staff rooms, a relaxation area for staff run by volunteers, and free meals for all staff.

·       Musgrove Park (Somerset NHS Foundation Trust) – the charity has set up a special Covid-19 Response Fund to support Staff Wellbeing projects such as providing food for staff, Ipads for the busiest wards (ITU) to keep patients connection to their families and radios to keep patients connected to the outside world; helping to support  those in isolation.  

Company comments

David Rolfe, UK&I Chief Executive Officer at Althea said: “In light of the greatest public health challenge the NHS has faced in its history, we are proud to support the incredible work of the brave and dedicated staff working on the frontlines to tackle the covid-19 crisis, and the patients who must isolate away from friends and family during this difficult period. As hospitals face an upsurge in demand, it means our health workers can have access to the vital resources they need to save lives and continue their critical work safely.”

David added: “We have chosen each charity as they are long-term Althea clients, and we are glad to be able to support their fundraising efforts during this period – all geared towards making the lives of NHS workers easier during this critical time. As a company we are pleased to play a part providing support and recognising the work of the fantastic NHS staff taking care of so many people throughout the Covid pandemic.”

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