CONMED Linvatec Announces Launch of NEW GENESYS(TM) Matryx(R) Interference Screws Using Novel Biocomposite Technology

CONMED Corporation’s (NASDAQ: CNMD) CONMED Linvatec arthroscopy unit announced today the release of its New GENESYS(TM) Matryx(R) Biocomposite Interference Screw. The new interference screws represent the latest advancement in biocomposite material technology through a proprietary microfiltration process. This process allows CONMED Linvatec to produce one of the smallest biocomposite interference screws available on the market today for primary fixation of ACL and PCL grafts.

Interference screw fixation is frequently used in the reconstruction of a failed anterior or posterior cruciate ligament of the knee. The placement of the screw and ligament into the bone tunnel allows the tissue to be held in place and encourages natural healing of the ligament. The GENESYS Matryx Interference Screw facilitates bone formation due to the presence of the bone pre-cursor Beta TriCalcium Phosphate, resulting in bone reconstruction and integration of the replacement ligament.

While the GENESYS Matryx Interference Screws are indicated for soft tissue fixation in ACL and PCL reconstructions, the smaller diameter screws are also indicated for reattachment of soft tissue to bone providing versatility for repair in other areas of the body.

“The important advancements we have made in biomaterials technology have enabled us to be first to market with one of the smallest available biocomposite interference screws for primary fixation in ACL and PCL reconstructions,” said Joseph Darling, President of CONMED Linvatec. “We continue to leverage our extensive expertise in biomaterials to deliver a broad range of customer solutions that may help improve patient outcomes.”

Source: Conmed

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