House Repeals Medical Device Tax But The Game’s Far From Over…Unfortunately

We’re a medical device site, so you’d expect us to cover this stuff, right? Except that we’d really rather not, because the politics are neither entertaining nor really getting us anywhere right now, despite the flurry of activity in Washington. Anyway, in brief, here’s the latest, rather predictable next chapter.

Last evening, as the repeal act was in front of it, the House of Representatives was sufficiently exercised on the subject to be full… and then vote 270-146 in favour of progressing the act, as covered here by

What happens next is what really matters though, because the White House is talking tough about its intentions to block further progress of the repeal bill. It seems likely that democrats might well fall back in line with the boss unless the so-called “pay-for” alternative means of raising the moneys that would be lost by repealing the tax, is more compelling for them than it’s looking right now.

Our favourite quote in the entire debate is the one that reads something like; “If you tax something, you get less of it, so why do we want less innovation?”

The counter-argument of course is that good business will always find a way to succeed and that healthcare demands, however pressured, are not likely to get any less. The only point therefore being whether the future of the industry lies in USA or somewhere like Ireland.

Anyway, we’ll follow the news, however tenuous (and indeed tedious) the arguments are becoming.