Judge Draws Line Under Extortion Case

In an article, which can be found here, MassDevice reports on the next phase of a legal case we first reported last year involving 3M and Porton Group. As a quick reminder, our November article (here) covered a UK court ruling in which 3M was effectively cleared of the allegation that it acquired Porton’s MRSA diagnostic system then reneged on its responsibilities to “actively market” it, in the interest of protecting its own rival more expensive “Fastman” device.

At the time of the UK ruling the judge found no evidence that 3M had intended a breach of contract by conducting clinical trials dishonestly in order to demonstrate underperformance  in the Porton product.

Following the UK court case 3M stated its intention to purse Porton in USA over claims that by accusing 3M of the above breaches it was effectively trying to “extort” an out of court settlement from the company.

The New York judge has now thrown out 3M’s claim, which one would imagine draws a line under the affair. Porton CEO Harvey Boulter said; “The decisions of the two judges in the U.S. demonstrate that the claims of 3M had absolutely no merit. I am pleased that the case has been closed on this sham of a dispute.”

Source: MassDevice