Judge Throws Out Smith & Nephew’s Case vs Arthrex

Bloomberg reports that the ongoing legal dispute between Smith & Nephew and Arthrex Inc relating to patent infringement claims, has been thrown out on appeal by a US Judge.  According to the Bloomberg article the judge found that; “no reasonable jury could find that Arthrex infringed the Smith & Nephew patent.”

This ruling overturns the earlier award of $85M against Arthrex in the case which has rumbled on since 2004.  Smith & Nephew maintained that Arthrex had infringed its patent relating to shoulder anchor technology, in the design of its SutureTak and PushLock lines.

“We’re disappointed in the court’s latest ruling,” said Joe Metzger, a spokesman for Smith & Nephew. “We are reviewing the decision and expect to appeal and request reinstatement of the jury’s verdict.”

Source: Bloomberg Businessweek