Proton Beam Cancer Treatment Comes to Harley Street

A pioneering cancer treatment that causes minimal damage to surrounding cells will soon be available in the UK for global cancer patients to access.


Proton beam therapy is a form of radiotherapy that uses an accelerated beam of protons to kill cancerous cells.

The unique way in which the proton beam travels through tissue results in only a small amount of energy being delivered along the path to the tumour. This means that most of the dose is delivered precisely to the cancerous tissue being targeted.

As a result, proton therapy overcomes one of the major limitations associated with conventional radiotherapy, irradiating healthy tissue leading to unwanted side effects, such as secondary tumours.

The therapy causes less damage to surrounding tissues and can target cancers that are difficult to reach or closely associated with sensitive structures such as the brain and spinal cord.

Historically, the use of protons to treat cancer has been limited by two factors – the immense size of the machines required and the cost to house the equipment. These limitations have led to the treatment becoming extremely exclusive and only available to a minority around the globe.

Advanced Oncotherapy, a global leader in proton therapy, is set to open the first proton-beam therapy unit of its kind in the heart of the world-renowned, Harley Street Medical Area, London. The new clinic, which is set to open in Harley Street, aims to overcome this by making the treatment more accessible and ultimately save more lives.

It will feature innovative and more clinically effective technology with the aim of making proton beam therapy significantly less expensive and more accessible for people living in the Middle East.

Company comments

Dr. Sinclair, Chairman and CEO of Advanced Oncotherapy, said: “We understand the current cost limitations of proton beam therapy and we are committed to radically changing this trend.”

“Our aim is to make the treatment significantly less expensive so that patients can come to Harley Street for treatment. Harley Street is the most prestigious medical address in the UK and recognised globally as a centre for medical excellence.”

Source: Advanced Oncotherapy

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