Stentys Plugs Gap with MiStent Drug Eluting Stent Distribution Deal

A new agreement sees Self-Apposing® coronary stent developer, STENTYS, become the exclusive distributor of the MiStent coronary stent worldwide (excluding the United States, Canada, China, South Korea and Japan).


Frequent visitor to our pages Stentys has entered into a five year agreement with Micell Technologies Inc., to distribute its MiStent SES® coronary stent.  This is a balloon-expandable stent designed for rapid healing and slow progression of coronary artery disease and combines a fast absorbing polymer with sustained drug release,  made possible by an innovative proprietary coating technology that allows sirolimus to be encapsulated as tiny crystals. Once the polymer is gone, the crystals slowly dissolve into the tissue surrounding the stent providing a continued local anti-proliferative and anti-inflammatory effect for several months.

Although CE marked, MiStent SES has not yet been marketed. Stentys is targeting a European launch of the product during the first half of 2015, to be followed by other territories where it has distribution. Furthermore the two companies will partner to conduct MiStent’s post-market study, DESSOLVE III.

Company comments

So how does MiStent SES fit alongside the Self-Apposing franchise? Gonzague Issenmann, Chief Executive Officer and co-founder of Stentys, explains: “We are thrilled to launch this exciting new product that is designed to outperform the market-leading workhorse stents thanks to a unique coating technology. Our customers will now have the opportunity to use MiStent for routine procedures and Stentys Self-Apposing stent for complex vessel anatomy that requires optimal apposition, both of which are designed for safe vessel healing and improved patient outcomes.“

“This long-term partnership is one more building block of the company’s growth strategy. With two CE marked Sirolimus-eluting stents covering all coronary indications and commercialized through our fast increasing sales network, we will strengthen our market position, increase access to our target audience, as well as create an opportunity for even greater revenue growth,“ concluded Gonzague Issenmann.

Source: Stentys, Business Wire

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