Tissue Regenix’s University Partner wins Queen’s Anniversary Prize

Tissue Regenix, the regenerative medical device company, wishes to congratulate The Institute of Medical and Biological Engineering (IMBE) at Leeds University on the receipt of a Royal Seal of Approval, the highest accolade possible for an academic institution.

Tissue Regenix was incorporated in May 2006 to commercialise the academic research of Professor Eileen Ingham and Professor John Fisher from the University of Leeds in the field of tissue decellularisation. Its dCELL® Technology comprises a patented process which removes cells and other components from human and animal tissue allowing it to be used without anti-rejection drugs to replace worn out or diseased body parts.

Antony Odell, Chief Executive of Tissue Regenix commented:  “The Institute, led by Professors John Fisher and Eileen Ingham, has become the UK’s leading bioengineering research institution and this well respected accolade is much deserved.  We believe that the quality of the technology emerging from the University has the potential to revolutionise aspects of healthcare and position Tissue Regenix as a leading player in the rapidly developing field of regenerative medicine.”

The news is accompanied by significant UK press coverage for Tissue Regenix’s dCELL® technology, which appeared in this weekend’s Sunday Times newspaper.

The full article can be found here.

Source: Tissue Regenix