UK company Brandon Medical lights up procedure to separate Sudanese conjoined twins

In recent weeks it was reported that a surgical team at Great Ormond Street Hospital had separated conjoined Twins in a series of procedures undertaken over a 3 month period. The Twins who were born joined at the head were given life saving surgery involving 4 procedures over 3 months to successfully separate them and UK lighting company Brandon Medical played a small, but crucial, part.

Brandon Medical’s GQLED operating theatre lights were used during the procedure. This is a special lighting configuration made up of the Galaxy Ultra HD-LED and Quasar HD-LED surgical lights. Galaxy Ultra emits the perfect cold light which eradicates excess heat during surgical procedures and projects a high intensity illumination of up to 160,000 Lux. Quasar HD-LED produces the biggest, fattest, most powerful light beam of any surgical light. The light intensity is spread evenly across the illuminated field to create a stunningly uniform working area with a high light intensity across the full diameter of the light field, not just in the middle. The GQLED helped create the perfect working surgical environment for the neurosurgeons performing this intense procedure.

The twins operation was funded by the children’s charity Facing the World and they were flown over to the UK in April. Scans of the twins showed that their brains were separate giving them a chance of survival. The blood flow, however, was shared meaning any interruption could cause irreversible brain damage. But thanks to the surgeons careful planning and commitment, the procedure was a great success resulting in two very healthy and happy little girls.

As soon as they are well enough, they will be flying back to Sudan to be with the rest of their family.

Source: Brandon Medical

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