Light with Integrated Camera Sets Brandon Medical’s Symposia® Telemedicine System Apart

UK-based Brandon Medical is touting its Symposia® Telemedicine System, an audio-visual communications platform connecting medical professionals to a range of AV resources which can be accessed immediately from any location.

Newly Cleared eZono 4000 tablet Ultrasound System Takes Guesswork out of Ultrasound-Guided Techniques

German ultrasound expert, eZono AG has received FDA 510(k) clearance for its eZono 4000 dedicated procedural guidance system with eZGuide technology, providing “any plane” freehand navigation.

Thoratec Says Switches from Older HeartMate EPC System Controller to Pocket Controller Highest Risk

Thoratec has issued updated information regarding the problems highlighted in its device correction letter of two weeks ago. It’s reinforcing the guidance that patients should visit their doctor for retraining on how to use the Heartmate II device in the light of new evidence that the process of changing from older controllers presents the highest risk of problems.