Bioprinting Promises 3D Tissue Constructs with Multiple Cell Types and Blood Vessels

Researchers have developed intricately patterned 3D tissue constructs with multiple types of cells and tiny blood vessels. The work could provide tissues that are realistic enough to screen drugs for safety and effectiveness. Ultimately it offers the potential for reconstructive surgery.

New CE Mark Sees World’s First Externally Scannable RFID Breast implants

A range of silicone breast implants with integrated RFID technology has been CE Marked. This means key data about the implants can be easily retrieved with the sweep of a scanner, rather than resorting to hospital records in the event of a recall or other clinical need.

British Breast Implant Maker Sizes Up French Market

A division of GC Aesthetics, Nagor is the only breast implant manufacturer based in Britain. And in a piece of elegant commercial symmetry it has just announced that it is now launching its range in France, no doubt hoping its quality message and reputation will score heavily in the aftermath of a certain other silicone breast manufacturer.

Future Looking Bright for Invuity® as Eigr™Illumination Technology Showcases at Anterior Hip Course and Novation Expo

It seems San Francisco’s Invuity, Inc., has hit on a rich vein of unmet need as its clever illuminated retractor systems featured heavily in the last two weeks at both an anterior hip arthroplasty course and an innovation technology showcase hosted by one of the big healthcare supply chain companies.

FDA Clears Syneron Medical’s New VelaShape® III Platform for Abdominal Circumferential Reduction…CE Mark Too!

Aesthetic medical device company Syneron Medical Ltd., has announced FDA clearance and CE mark approval for VelaShape® III, the Company’s new non-invasive body shaping platform. This new platform is said to be effective for temporary reduction in circumference of the abdomen and is also used in a wide range of other body shaping applications such as cellulite treatments.

Potential for Excellagen in Repair of Prenatally Diagnosed Birth Defects Using Mesenchymal Stem Cells

Cardium Therapeutics has reported on a research collaboration with researchers at Boston Children’s Hospital, to assess the medical utility of Excellagen® as a delivery scaffold to seed autologous mesenchymal fetal stem cells for ex-vivo engineering of tissue grafts for transplantation into infants to repair prenatally diagnosed birth defects.

No PIP Verdict Until December 10!

Somehow the idea that using an illicit material in a bodily implant is now OK, regardless of whether it’s approved. So claim the defendants in the PIP case which has seen its closing remarks today. This cavalier approach is what got PIP into hot water, but they seem to be in a state of denial that they’ve done much wrong at all.