EpiFix® Study Shows 92.5% Healing Rate Over 12 Weeks, with Healing Faster with Weekly vs Bi-Weekly Application

A newly published, prospective, randomised, comparative study suggests that diabetic foot ulcers are mostly healed with the application of MiMedx’s EpiFix allograft. And it seems weekly application speeds things up compared with bi-weekly.

Tissue Regenix Aiming High with US Distribution Plans for DermaPure™ Chronic Wound Therapy

UK wound healing expert company Tissue Regenix is planning to launch its biological scaffold product, DermaPure™, in early 2014 and is putting in place an extensive distribution network to make sure it gains appropriate coverage.

Newly CE Marked Tissue Damage Detector Launched at Medica

Bruin Biometrics, LLC has gained CE Mark approval to market the SEM Scanner in the European Union. The SEM Scanner is that is intended to detect localized tissue edema and pressure induced tissue damage that may lead to the formation of pressure ulcers before damage becomes visible on the skin’s surface.

Results Indicate Overwhelming Success in Stem Cell Treatment of Diabetic Foot Ulcers

Osiris Therapeutics, Inc., has reported results from its multi-center, randomized, controlled clinical trial comparing the safety and effectiveness of Grafix® to standard of care in patients with chronic diabetic foot ulcers. The Grafix group met the pre-specified stopping rules for overwhelming efficacy as determined by the data monitoring committee during a planned interim analysis.