Abiomed’s Joined-Up Marketing Wins Friends… At Medlatest

At medlatest, of course we’re fans of medical device technology, but at heart we’re marketers, which means we take pleasure from things that would be almost invisible to most clinicians (or indeed most normal people). As has been said before, we trawl the congresses and company news sections and press releases of the world in order that we can be a truly useful news aggregation site, helping clinicians, healthcare providers and industry watchers with what we hope are valuable and interesting articles.

One might think that in this day and age it is easy to find product information such as basic availability, regulatory status, distributor name… the kind of information a clinician might expect to need in order to find let alone use the product. How often we find though that companies assume the world knows about them and is interested enough to navigate the complex route required to get hold of their products.

Of course the main purpose of sales reps is to provide this information, but how long does it take these poor souls to gain access to all their “clients”, and even then with the increasing breadth of interested parties in adoption and use of new technologies, how easy is it to miss key people. So surely companies need to sharpen up their marketing communications acts a little. It’s not difficult really.

Worthy of special mention today is Abiomed Inc., which has chosen the American Heart Association’s Scientific Meeting to be the venue at which it has launches its new “Symphony”, minimally invasive Cardiac Assist device. We applaud the synchronisation of your activities Abiomed because not only does the press release coincide with the event, but also your website is full of animations, news footage and links to the conference. If you’re a clinician reading this you’re probably wondering what the fuss is about. after all it doesn’t sound all that complicated to get this stuff together. But you’d be amazed.

Well done Abiomed, recipient of this week’s medlatest Joined-up marketing award.

Source: medlatest staff