New Weekly Email Function On Medlatest Site

You’re a busy person, right? We know that and try to make our site easily navigable, punchy and relevant.

If you don’t have time to browse medlatest’s incredibly informative and relevant pages however you could opt to sign up to our new email service.

This service commits you to nothing, costs you nothing, requires no passwords and it delivers an email direct to you each weekend for your perusal at your leisure.  Simply click here or the box on the right of the home page which reads “select categories for your own weekly update”, which will lead you to a page where you do just that.  At midnight(GMT) each Sunday night you will be sent an update with all news items pertaining to the categories of news you selected.  Obviously there are a lot of categories and not that many items each week in each category… sometimes none… in which event you will receive our weekly summary entitled “View from the Med” which is our own sideways look at what’s been going on.

If you’re worried you’ll be committing yourself to something, please don’t.  You can unsubscribe any time.

Let us know if any of this isn’t clear by clicking here.