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ZIP® Surgical Skin Closure Beats Sutures for Lacerations, Says Study

ZipLine Medical is touting a new study showing significant time, cost and patient outcome benefits when using ZIP closure vs sutures for lacerations

Lab Evaluation of Zeiss Robotic Neurosurgery Microscope

Improvements made in the KINEVO 900, along with the fully integrated endoscopic Micro-Inspection Tool, are significant

BEAR Implant Compares with Traditional ACL Reconstruction

Results from first of the “BEAR” clinical study series suggests promise for this disruptive technology

AI Increases Polyp Detection During Colonoscopy

Artificial Intelligence beats humans in polyp detection during colonoscopy, says new study

Capnography Unearths High Level of Opioid-Induced Respiratory Depression in General Care Hospital Patients

Medtronic says Microstream™ Capnography study shows a greater than 40% incidence of opioid induced respiratory compromise

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