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Boston Scientific’s New TACTRA™ Penile Prosthesis

Tactra Penile Implant

This new implant provides patients with a durable, natural-feeling implant for the treatment of erectile dysfunction. Background Erectile dysfunction (ED) … continue reading “Boston Scientific’s New TACTRA™ Penile Prosthesis”

Bioengineered Repair Mimics Native ACL Says New Study

Results of a study published online in the American Journal of Sports Medicine show torn anterior cruciate ligaments (ACLs) treated with the Miach … continue reading “Bioengineered Repair Mimics Native ACL Says New Study”

U.S. Approval for Next-Generation MitraClip®

Abbott tells us it has received U.S. FDA approval for the fourth generation of of its MitraClip™ heart valve repair device to treat … continue reading “U.S. Approval for Next-Generation MitraClip®”

Carotid Artery Disease Patients do Better with TCAR than Endarterectomy

Silk Road Medical Inc. has announced the presentation of real-world data from two studies into the treatment of patients with … continue reading “Carotid Artery Disease Patients do Better with TCAR than Endarterectomy”

Medtronic’s EvolveSM Workflow with Spinal Cord Stimulation Offers Hope for Back and Leg Pain Sufferers, Says Study

Prospective data demonstrates effective pain relief and improved function in patients with intractable back and leg pain

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