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New Financing to Complete Pivotal Artificial Disc Studies

Simplify Medical has raised $21M which it says will see its two ongoing studies to completion

Transanal Colon Resection (TaCR) Feasible Says Study

Fortimedix Surgical announces data demonstrating feasibility of symphonX™ based surgical platform

Digital Cognitive Assessment Tool Detects Early Dementias

Digital Cognitive assessment tool (eSAGE) equivalent to pen-and-paper test (SAGE) in detecting mild cognitive impairment and early dementias

Study Supports Interstim™ Therapy for Overactive Bladder

InterStim Sacral Neuromodulation offers sustained 5 year efficacy and quality of life

First Patient in U.S. LimFlow Feasibility Study

Unique catheter-based device for the treatment of advanced PAD/Critical Limb Ischemia

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