Fellas, you too can get pregnant.

So now it becomes clear what medlatest’s “offline” category is all about…… sadly this April fool appears to be deadly serious.  Follow the link here to find out what it’s like to be pregnant.  A Japanese company has developed a pregnancy simulator which is much more than a cushion….this little “baby” is called “Mommy Tummy” and is described as a Pregnancy Experience System. Apparently, according to the Japanese developer’s website men spend 9 months whistling and drinking beer and because they “do not understand the difficulties of pregnancy often neglect to give special consideration to a pregnant woman, such as offering to carry her bags or give up a seat on a crowded bus.”

So the answer is a rather complicated looking device which moves and even gets stressed when not stroked.

I wonder, could we ask for (male) volunteers to wear one on a bus and see who gives up their seat.

One slight note of caution before prospective buyers flock to their wallets…..the company, when asked about commercialisation plans states; “Small issues with maintenance, like having to exchange a balloon that bursts during simulation, must first be resolved.”

So it simulates waters breaking too! Bonus.

Source: Medlatest staff

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