Biomet Launches “Personalized” Partial Knee Replacement System.


Coinciding with AAOS, Biomet Orthopedics has announced the launch of the Signature™ Personalized Patient Care System for use with the Oxford® Partial Knee System. The system enables surgeons to preoperatively plan a knee replacement surgery and precisely place implants by using Signature™ custom positioning guides.


Biomet was one of the first orthopedic implant companies to provide surgeons advanced tools to create custom femoral and tibial positioning guides for use in both total and partial knee replacement. Introduced in 2008, the Signature™ System has been used in more than 41,000 knee surgeries to date.

Biomet’s Oxford® Partial Knee System is designed to help surgeons to preserve and restore normal knee function and movement by replacing only the medial, diseased compartment of the knee. During this process, surgeons use the Signature™ system to create custom femoral and tibial surgical positioning guides that help achieve optimal joint implant positioning. The Oxford® Partial Knee procedure removes approximately 75% less bone and cartilage when compared to a total knee replacement and allows patients to recover more rapidly with less postoperative pain.

The Oxford® Partial Knee is intended for use in individuals with osteoarthritis or avascular necrosis limited to the medial compartment of the knee and is intended to be implanted with bone cement. The Oxford® Knee is not indicated for use in the lateral compartment.

The company claims that by combining this technology with the Oxford® Partial Knee, the most clinically successful partial knee in the world with survivorship of 92.3% at 20 years, it is providing  surgeons with the advanced technology necessary to deliver a higher level of personalized care in partial knee replacement surgery.

Clinician comments  

“With Signature™ and the Oxford® Partial Knee, surgeons now have state-of-the-art technology for patients undergoing partial knee replacement surgery,” said Dr. Michael Berend from the Center for Hip & Knee Surgery at St. Francis Health Hospital – Mooresville in Indianapolis.

Source: Biomet Inc, PR Newswire