Cervical Ripening Balloon from Cook Medical Now Available with Stylet

Cook Medical’s Cervical Ripening Balloon now features  a guiding stylet that offers added stiffness to facilitate placement.


Inducing labour in patients with unfavourable cervical conditions can be a challenging process for obstetricians, and certain pharmaceutical methods may have side effects. This product adds to Cook’s line of labour and delivery products. It features a stylet to help obstetricians position the balloon exactly where it needs to be. The balloon is inserted approximately 12 hours before a planned induction to stimulate natural dilation of the cervix and provides a method for cervical ripening as an alternative to pharmaceuticals and their risk of potential side effects.that represents a strong commitment to physician feedback and convenience.

Company comments

“The cervical ripening balloon is one of our most popular labor and delivery products,” said Christina Anné, vice president and global leader of Cook’s Women’s Health division. “We try to do everything we can to make the delivery process as safe and easy as possible for both the patient and the physician. This product addition will help the physician place the balloon accurately.”

Source: Cook Medical