Olive Medical’s 1080p HD All-In-One System Brings OR Image Quality To The Office

In short

The self-styled low cost surgical camera company Olive Medical Corporation of Salt Lake City, has announced 510K clearance and the worldwide sales launch for the OVS1 All-in-one HD Visualisation system.


The OVS1 is a lightweight, compact complete visualisation system for in-office procedures. The office system boasts a crisp 1080p HD image, LED light source, and touch-screen interface, bringing OR quality imaging for physician office procedures.

Olive Medical tells us its OVS1 unit is compatible with its TCK1 HD Camera Head, the first camera of its kind to use a HD CMOS sensor to capture a native 1080p HD image – allowing the company to claim the fastest, safest and most affordable image available on the market. Olive Medical will also continue to offer the industry’s only five year replacement for this camera head.

The complete OVS1 system will include a camera control unit, an LED light source, a 12.1 inch capacitive touch high bright display and a TCK1 HD Camera Head and a fiberoptic light cable in a compact portable package. The OVS1 is compatible with any standard eye piece endoscope, in addition to Olive Medical’s own HD optimised endoscope line.

Company comments

“With the OVS1 product, we’ve focused on bringing the high quality image you’re used to seeing in an operating room, to an office setting– all while keeping costs to a minimum” states Joshua Talbert, CEO. “We’ve been able to take our renowned HD surgical quality video and package it into a complete system for office use. We’ve also added a few unique features such as our intuitive touch screen user interface, which allows users to interact with the system just like they would a smart phone or tablet.”

Source: Olive Medical Corporation, Inc.